What we’ve learned about fear in business

by Client Share Marketing

At Client Share we’re asking our customers, who are mostly Large Enterprises, to do something different. We’re asking them to use Client Share to manage their relationship with their clients. We’ve proven and measurable ROI; we improve the client-supplier relationship and deliver better business results for both.

But here is what has surprised me and my team…..fear is holding back some clients from doing anything. In fact they are suffering from inertia. It’s not that they don’t get it, it’s just that they seem afraid to try and this is often despite colleagues eyeballing them saying: “I used Client Share, it worked and my client loves it too”.

We’ve done A / B testing and we work with all sorts of cultures from some slow-paced organisations to fast moving companies. But it seems the common thread boils down to individuals. On one hand we have one group (the change agents) who just get on with it and are delivering some great results and on the other hand we have another group (the laggards) who know change is right and worth doing, but displaying a reluctance to engage.

We hear laggards say:

  • “I’m too busy” / “my client won’t like it” / “it’s the wrong time”.

Yet when pressed and asked if they’ve actually looked at the detail, engaged with the client or done anything different, the answer is no. They’ve simply filed the idea of change in a bucket entitled “I’m interested but that sounds a bit too hard and challenging so I’ll bury my head in the sand” (it’s a big bucket).

But we mustn’t be dismissive of this group. We’ve all been laggards at some point. I for one wasn’t exactly the quickest to move to a smart phone and didn’t see the benefit in slack vs email for a while. But now I’ve moved I wouldn’t be without slack or a smart phone.

I’ve been looking at the Kubler-Ross change curve and some of it rings very true.

I’d welcome your thoughts and indeed advice on change management in digital – ideas, books, articles etc.

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