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  • Deloitte’s CPO Review

    A clear shift in procurement focus towards innovation and value requires an acceleration in the pace of change especially in leadership, talent and digital procurement. As national and global economies improve, procurement have a pivotal role to play in increasing supply chain transparency, accessing supplier innovation and delivering enterprise wide cost reduction. Exceptional procurement, supplier, business and digital leadership will differentiate
    those organisations that deliver an impact that matters.

  • B2B Customer Experience: Winning in the Moments that Matter

    In the world of business to business (B2B), commercial success for a firm lies in the strength of the relationships it creates with its customers. In any walk of life, relationships are won or lost in key moments.

  • Accenture: Technology Vision 2017

    Today, changes are still all around us, and are coming faster than ever. The key point is that we are in control. It’s no longer people who are adapting to technology – rather, the technology is adapting to us.

  • EY: Getting the basics right in procurement

    In many government and commercial organisations procurement has now become recognised as a fundamental enabler of business strategy and a preferred method for achieving sustainable cost reduction.

  • CapGemini on Supplier Relationship Management

    The market for SRM applications has changed with the most important trends being the strong push towards the cloud and greatly increased usability with mobile applications.

  • PwC on Supplier Relationship Management

    Do you want to know how your key suppliers drive your company’s competitive advantage? PwC experts explain what makes a world class SRM programme and how you can establish your own effective SRM programme.


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  • 16 Tips to deliver results with Client Share

    This article describes how you can get the most of out of Client Share. Driving engagement is key, which will keep users involved and thereby improve customer experience.