Are you selling socially when it really counts? Be honest….

by Client Share Marketing

In Enterprise B2B Sales the buying process has changed…..the digital revolution has happened…..and your buyer persona has changed. So good enterprise sales companies now know they need to behave differently. But what is ‘differently’? If social selling is building a brand presence on LinkedIn and Facebook and SEO then most companies are doing pretty well. Most sales people now know how to tweet, follow companies, individuals and how to share marketing content on LinkedIn. In other words – make some noise.

But surely in Enterprise Sales, social selling is also about providing a highly personalised, interactive, mobile and social experience to your customer. Building a community around them once you are actually selling! And in Enterprise Sales you can’t do that via the usual social channels because all your content becomes highly tailored and personalised to your client!

Take this scenario… are selling B2B services in the Enterprise space, your marketing group creates a digital campaign to generate interest in a new service offering. The campaign generates interest and a new prospect (who has been engaged digitally using 1:1 marketing across various channels) wants to meet. Then the prospect is handed over to sales for a 1:1 meeting.

What happens next? Do you go back the same old way of selling? Meeting, presentation, email through the presentation afterwards and hope for the best? No analytics? No digital customer experience? Really? Is this social selling in C21st? Surely good social selling would be creating a hub of interest sharing highly personalised 1:1 messaging with the prospect and building a buying community rather than just following up with some attachments?

Think about what is missing….you use sophisticated digital marketing to create interest, you use powerful CRM to manage pipeline and account plans but what do you use to digitally engage your customer during live sales cycles and account management. Is your best sales experience still looking like it did 5 years ago? If your answers are email and attachments, then you are probably not social selling at the most critical point – the actual live sales cycle!


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